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Due to explosive growth rates tourism and hospitality is facing a significant shortfall for dedicated and hard working professionals. Tourism sector is expected to grow at around 20-25 per cent every year for foreseeable future. This growth has been inspired in part by governments all around the world who sees tourism as a foreign exchange earner which can also generate local jobs and stimulate economic development.

As a result tourism and hospitality industry is facing a shortage of well qualified workers who are passionate about their job. Lack of hiring skills among HR managers has compounded the problem. Most of the recruiters are not up to task and try to hire workers in as little time as possible without analysing an applicant closely.

Today’s recruiters are “one-night-stand” recruiters popping in to meet a quota of people that loosely meet hiring criteria. They lack people skills and they do not take their time to listen to their potential client carefully to know my skills or background or the career that they looking for. They are impersonal and they do not ask the right questions they are just concerned about their benefit, will promise you anything and will be out rightly dishonest and unethical. Ananaz is the bridge which connects recruiters with highly motivated and professional employees. We strive to be a community of hospitality veterans who will be a valuable asset to an organization.

HR department can support with CV’s but they are not experts within each field or area of the hotel, therefore they recruit based on quota and limited information

  • Young hotelier: “there is no future for me in the hotel industry”
  • Experienced hotelier: “If only I could find a passionate person to complete my team”

Our mission is to be the link between Hospitality Human Resource Directors, around the globe and Ananaz Club, also we represent our members to reach their potential by providing support through the process of changing jobs, negotiating their offers the best way and to stand united with them in their new endeavor. We provide our members the sense of community while supporting them by delivering a personalized career mapping coupled with latest available training and developing pathways to allow them to excel in their career. We come from the hospitality field ourselves and understand the needs of the industry and we understand our members’ needs. If you are looking for better opportunities then you can utilize our platform for finding better paying opportunities. If you are looking for top notch, passionate and professional employees, Ananaz Club is the Answer.

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