The Lifeline of Hospitality industry

What We Offer

We are the connecting bridge between employees and employers in hospitality industry around the globe. Our method is innovative and we have broken with the boring method of traditional recruitment agencies.

Here are some benefits which our members are entitled to:

  • CV Profile creation
  • Every career path is different. That’s why we help you design your own by mapping your profile with career path milestone graphs to get a clear picture on where you stand and what is your next move and to empower you to reach a successful and rewarding career’s goal.
  • Your own Dashboard with unique membership card that entitles to various benefits and perks
  • Free Assessment and skill tests to enrich your profile
  • Innovative learning approaches with certifications
  • We have a unique and strong Media presence with our own TV and Radio Station that is dedicated to Ananaz club aimed at hospitality professionals of different backgrounds which will create a new possibilities in the type of media we can create and deliver and new possibilities in the way you receive and “consume” the media.
  • We have a vibrant and regularly updated News section which is not available with most recruitment agencies
  • We don’t post jobs like recruitment agencies, instead we connect hospitality professionals and provide them a place to build relationships and network with their peers from various sectors of Hospitality Industry.
  • We have member creative corner that each member can use to as a method to create bonds and friendships between members. They can work alone or collaborate and work side by side on different activities and projects and are able to showcase using our media platform

Here are some benefits which our clients are entitled to:

  • Free Job posting
  • Easy & Fast registration
  • Bespoke service
  • Tailor packages to suit your recruitment
  • Video CV
  • Reference check
  • Assessment test
  • Option to auto-screen applicants with filters



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