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Do you have any talent to showcase? Do you sing or write lyrics, books, poetry, or short stories, do you take great photos or artwork and you would like to share?  Do you create short movies or video clips ?

Here at Ananaz Club  we believe all of our members have a talent that is ready to be discovered, therefore we created members creative corner , it is the place where you can share and showcase you talent and get inspiration for your next big project and as a tool and  a method to create bonds and friendships between members. Throughout the year, members can collaborate and work side by side on different activities and projects.

How it works?

How it works?

 Upload on the My Corner Section located on this page your complete project or talent , once approved , your work will be posted and broadcasted on website and on the Ananaz Media platform and be discovered.

Hey , you never know!

Please note All Submissions are bond to the Ananaz Club Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer?



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