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Media aside from being the media arm of offers the people an easy and interactive environment that allows the users to build their own maps, whether locally or internationally, according to their center of interests and tastes.

It is a platform that connects the users to each other, to the businesses and vice-versa.

Connection being a key in this modern era, our features allow all users to do so through common center of interests and planned arrangements.

It is a hub of information centered around truth of information, being based on real people’s opinion, which allows them to share information and data easily.

Our targeted audience are individuals and hospitality venues (Hotels; Spas, retreats etc…)  in the GCC region starting from Dubai UAE. dedicated services; among others;

  • Production of Videos and short  films ( 360 ) about the Hotels & Hotel Facilities; rooms; restaurants, pubs, night clubs; spas; gyms etc..
  • Live and/or pre-recorded coverage of events at the hotel; launch ceremonies; weddings and other gigs and events like seminars, workshops etc…
  • Ads on ANANAZ on line Radio & TV &
  • Posts on ANANAZ .com social media platforms Facebook; Twitter; Youtube etc…
  • On Line Radio & TV Consultancy services.
  • Building and operating On Line web Radios & web TVs (Turn Key Project).

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