How to become a member at Ananaz Club ?

Your First step is to register on the website by clicking on the new member registration link on the main page and follow and complete all the steps clearly marked, it is important to fill up all information needed and reach 100% complete profile. Remember you are applying to become a lifelong member so we need to know all about you so we can serve you better.

How much you will charge to become a member?

To become a member at Ananaz Club there is no charge, it is a free membership.

Why to join?

Ananaz Club is the only company that is truly represent their members to reach their potential by providing support through the process of changing jobs, negotiating their offers the best way and to stand united with them in their new endeavor. We provide our members the sense of community while supporting them by delivering a personalized career mapping coupled with latest available training and developing pathways to allow them to excel in their career. We come from the hospitality field ourselves and understand the needs of the industry and we understand our members’ needs. If you are looking for better opportunities then you can utilize our platform for finding better paying opportunities

Can I apply for a job posting directly?

No, at Ananaz Club we believe strongly about bespoke services, therefore we will work closely with our members and match their skills and experiences with the best of the best companies available.